Susan Berstler

Susan Berstler

ArtTechPsyche 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Lego Take Ten

Arts @ 29 Garden: Upstairs

Throughout the day on the 14th, stop by and visit our LEGO play space. All too often in an academic setting creativity is investigated formally through talks and publications. In keeping with the spirit of the Art Technology Psyche II unconference at Arts@29 Garden St., we want to bring a focus on the innovating role […]

Installation / Activity

Susan Berstler is Technology Specialist for Libraries at the newly renovated Cabot Science Library at Harvard University. Much of Susan’s work is project based and in response to and anticipation of the effect of new technologies in the library setting. Susan recently served on the Advisory Panel for NCSU’s Immersive Scholar program, a unique opportunity for libraries and museums to build a community of practice for those working with immersive technology in learning spaces funded by the Mellon Foundation.

Additionally, she works as a visual artist, exhibiting her work both nationally and internationally, and as arts producer in her home town of Somerville, MA. Her main arts interest is in transformative media, especially in the realm of public art.

One of its originators, Susan enjoys the opportunity ArtTechPsyche allows to combine technology and art, science and digital humanities, to help create a growing collaborative network of creative technologists/new media artists.