Sands Fish

Sands Fish

ArtTechPsyche 2019

Bodies In Space: How The Environment Of Zero Gravity Will Change Us And Our Culture

Cabot Discovery Bar

Today, the environments that humans occupy in space are designed for survival. Humans are carefully shuttled to and from space, and during their relatively short stays, they are provided with minimum supplies to remain alive and able to perform experiments. As we begin to plan less for short visits and more for life in space […]


Sands Fish is a designer, artist, and futurist based in Boston, USA. Previously at the MIT Media Lab and Harvard’s Berkman Center, he runs a design firm for humans in space, working in collaboration with the Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative. He creates artwork using the language of interfaces and devices as a medium, exploring how humans will create and interact with their tools and how those tools will be implicated in creating our future.