Ricky van Broekhoven

Ricky van Broekhoven


Garden Street: Lower Level

In a world that is very visually oriented, sound has quite unknown and underestimated capabilities.  It is an invisible energy that is able to touch us emotionally, and that is also able to manifest itself physically.  The talk for ArtTechPsyche II will be about the phenomenon of sound that I deal with in my design […]


Ricky van Broekhoven (1984) is a designer and musician from Eindhoven the Netherlands.

He started his education at the department of spatial design at the St. Joost academy Breda.

Simultaneously he was producer and performer of the electronics live-act Axxonlab. Experiencing music as something tangible, like a material that can be formed and manipulated, soon the topics of sound and space became merged. He got fascinated with the phenomenon of visible sound vibration called cymatics.

He was invited to continue his study at the Rietveld Adacemy in Amsterdam where he explored and elaborated on the emergence of sound as a perceptible energy. After graduating his MA in 2012 he founded Studio van Broekhoven, where he researches natural forces and processes of noise. He calls his field of work spatial sound design. In his laboratory workshop that simultaneously functions as a sound studio he engineers instruments and prototype tools that help creating unique objects and immersive environments. His projects are ranging from collaborations with health care institutions, to internationally renowned academies and museums. Van Broekhoven currently lives and works in Eindhoven.


2011 Utrecht, November Music / Speelklok Museum / Circlectric
2011 Den Bosch, Stedelijk museum / Circelectric
2012 Amsterdam, ARCAM Architecture Centre Amsterdam / Sandberg Institute Graduates
2012 Paris, La Gaite Lyrique / AAARGH!
2013 Eindhoven Dutch Design Week / Convoi Exceptionnel / Soundshapes project
2013 Eindhoven, Van Abbemuseum / Once Upon A Time
2015 Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum / The Green Gallery / Solid Vibration
2015 Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week / In No Particular Order / Sonoscope & Audiograph