Mike Morse

Mike Morse

ArtTechPsyche 2019

DisJointed: An Exercise in ReAnimation

Cabot Demo Space

Stop by the demo table for DisJointed. Led by the Harvard Physics Fab Lab’s Rob Hart, the team behind DisJointed have pieced together a series of actuations designed to demystify the workings of electronics. The group will continue work on their animations and interactions throughout the day. One toy horse, multiple dolls, and an Elmo […]

Installation / Activity

Nature or nurture? In the case of Mike Morse, it is probably a bit of both. The nephew of Harvard FabLab leader Rob Hart, Mike was innocently visiting his family back east when he got co-opted to be part of the DisJointed. Mike’s electrical engineering skills were put to good use on the Cyclop Centaur, the Reverse Centaur and more.