Mary Hale

Mary Hale


Garden Street: Upstairs

Indices is an artistic exploration into the roles that books can play in today’s media-rich society. Indices builds on content from Mary Hale’s 2011 installation, The Topographic Bookscape. Installed both at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and at Harvard in 2011, The Topographic Bookscape comprised thousands of decommissioned library books, shuffled, recategorized and re-purposed into a landscape that […]

Installation / Activity

A Boston-based artist, architect, and designer, Mary Hale’s artistic career began during her student-days at MIT where she developed her first inflatable structure: The Monumental Helium Inflatable Wearable Floating Body Mass. Since that time, she has produced a number of installations, which have been recognized in international art, design and technology publications ranging from the MIT Technology Review to Arcade to Clam, a Parisian fashion and culture magazine. In addition to artistic practice, Mary has been deeply involved in organizing design-oriented community events, exhibitions, and teaching architecture studios at the Boston Architectural College and at Northeastern University. Mary founded Royhale Design in 2014 as a channel for these projects. Mary is a designer at Shepley Bulfinch Architects in Boston and a 2015 recipient of the prestigious AIA Associates Award.

Mary holds a Bachelors Degree in Urban Studies from Brown University, and a Masters of Architecture from MIT.