Kevin Guiney

Kevin Guiney

ArtTechPsyche 2019

Spaces and Places in Harvard and Beyond with AR/VR

Cabot Demo Space

Kevin will be showing how augmented and virtual reality are used around Harvard in ways you can experience. See how the Semitic Museum is using AR to place you at the foot of the Sphinx and view it in different time periods. Or how students in French courses use VR goggles to be transported into […]

Installation / Activity

Kevin Guiney is a Senior Instructional Technologist in the Academic Technology Group. He partners with faculty in developing and then supporting implementations of digital tools and approaches to teaching, learning, and research at Harvard College. He is a graduate of University of Connecticut and Harvard University and has a background in design, multimedia, lab management, and animation.

Since taking the MIT course “How to Make (Almost) Anything”,  Kevin has been doing more artistic projects that use electronics and software in the fabrication of pieces and can frequently be found tinkering in a maker space.

As a member of the Expanding the Boundaries of Authorship group and the Digital Futures Consortium, Kevin has helped organize many panels and events of scholars, faculty, and technologists in the past. After years as an appreciative attendee Kevin is excited to be a part of the ArtTechPsyche team.