Jud Harward

Jud Harward

Project Mirador Page Viewer Demo

Garden Street: Upstairs

Participants will be walked through the use of the new (pre-beta) viewer Mirador for exploring the resources of Harvard’s Digital Repository Service. Please bring a laptop so you can try out the tool and comment on the interface. More information about Mirador here. Mirador Links for Psyche 4/23/2015 http://iiif.lib.harvard.edu/demo http://oculus-dev.harvardx.harvard.edu/demo http://oculus-dev.harvardx.harvard.edu/demo/munich.html viewer-advisors@hulmail.harvard.edu


Dr. Judson Harward served as Director of Arts and Humanities Research Computing at Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences until spring 2017. He was formerly Principal Research Scientist and Associate Director at MIT’s Center for Educational Computing Initiatives. He served as software architect and project manager for the iLab Shared Architecture for nine years and was also co-Principal Investigator of the iLab-Africa project funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York.  He was one of the founders and the first President of the Global Online Laboratory Consortium. At MIT, he co-taught one of the large undergraduate computing courses for over a decade. At Harvard he concentrated on encouraging collaborations between Harvard’s IT organization, the Harvard Library, and HarvardX on new approaches to digital tools for scholarly and educational applications.