Joanne Cheung

Joanne Cheung

Games as Design Tools

Garden Street: Upstairs

When asked “What is Design?”, Charles and Ray Eames responded, “Design depends largely on contraints.” Constraints are rules, and where there are rules, games are played. We’ll explore competition and collaboration at the scale of individuals, communities, and species, and think about how to design playing fields where everyone realizes a gain by participating.


Joanne is an artist and designer. Growing up as a third culture kid and trained as a photographer and architect, she thinks and works in three dimensions—spatially, linguistically, and culturally. Her projects are founded on a core belief that in order to tackle the challenges humans face as a species, design should be practiced at the scale of individuals, communities, and cultures. To that end, Joanne creates architectural and digital experiences that foster collaboration across scales and across differences. Her work has been published in Wallpaper, New York Times Magazine, Wired, Fast Company, among others.