James Yamada

James Yamada

Operations: An Analogue to the Digital

Garden Street: Upstairs

As students begin to engage with digital modeling techniques in their first year of design school, issues such as design iteration, conceptual clarity, part-to-whole relationships, subjective experience, etc. can be muddied by the technical complexity that students find themselves thrown into. The work presented here is an attempt to maintain focus on those issues with […]


James Yamada is a recent graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Design’s Master in Design Studies program and a Creative Technologist with metaLAB (at) Harvard. While his background is firmly rooted in architecture, his recent experience and interests center on the design and development of interactive digital platforms, the construction of narrative, applied research through speculative prototyping, and teaching. His prior architectural work includes projects in Oregon, Washington and Shanghai, and has won multiple awards, including honor awards from the AIA and IIDA.