Jake Rudin

Jake Rudin

Material Practice as Research

Garden Street: Lower Level

The translation between the architectural design and the subsequent actualization process is mediated by various tools and techniques. Through the adoption in architectural design practice of computation and information technologies, with their capacity for a relatively seamless transition between design and fabrication, a more integrated workflow across the design and actualization process is made more […]


Jake Rudin is a Master in Design student at Harvard University. As an architecture student, he is interested in the intersection of architecture, theory and fabrication, allowing the creation of an object to heavily inform the final design, and applying this to the fields of building technology, computation, parametric design, and digital fabrication. Jake has extensive experience working in both analog and digital fabrication — woodworking, CNC milling, 3D printing, laser cutting, metalworking and casting — as well as five years as a teaching assistant in the both the Cornell and Harvard Fabrication and Material Research Facilities. Outside of the classroom Jake is a professional tree climber and canopy researcher, indie game developer and avid photographer.