Erin Baumann

Erin Baumann

ArtTechPsyche 2018

Designing Up, Designing Together, Designing Better? Simulations & games for collaborative learning

Garden Street: Lower Level

Traditional models of teaching and learning put the individual at the center of the developmental experience. Yet, research shows that learners of all levels see greater developmental gains from well-structured collaborative experiences, than they do from those that place the work of learning squarely on the individual. Collaborative learning advances critical thinking and communication and […]


Erin Baumann is Assistant Director of Curriculum and Pedagogy with SLATE (Strengthening Learning and Teaching Excellence) at the Harvard Kennedy School.  Her work at HKS brings together elements of faculty development and instructional design, as she supports faculty and programs in curricular materials development and adoption, classroom management, pedagogical research, and course assistant training. Erin also leads SLATE’s experiential learning and simulation design practice and is co-chair of the Harvard University Affinity Group for Simulations and Games.

In addition to her work at HKS, Erin is a Non-resident Fellow with the Dublin European Institute and an expert in Russian and East European politics. Prior to joining the Kennedy School, Erin was a Lecturer in International Relations and Comparative Politics in the School of Politics and International Relations (SPIRe) at University College Dublin (UCD). During her time at UCD Erin was Chair of the SPIRe Steering Committee on Teaching Innovation and an invited speaker on teaching innovation at TEDxUCD. Erin holds a PhD in International Relations and Political Science from UCD.