Cole Crawford

Cole Crawford

ArtTechPsyche 2018

3Doodle in Physical and VR

Garden Street: ATP Tech Gallery

Come to the ArtTechPsyche Tech Gallery to use our 3Doodler to “draw” 3D objects into reality! We can then help you 3D scan your creations so you can take them with you both physically and virtually.

Installation / Activity

Cole is Humanities Research Computing Specialist with Harvard Arts and Humanities Research Computing (DARTH). He uses his background in literary studies, information technology, and software development to help humanities scholars model, assess, and process their data, create digital projects and platforms, and present their research digitally. Cole’s literary research focuses on eighteenth and nineteenth-century British laboring-class poets (Laboring-Class Poets Online). He also enjoys writing nature poetry; deforming, transforming, and visualizing data; and maker culture. He is excited to join the ArtTechPsyche team and explore the critical practice of creative technology and tech-centered art.

When not supporting DARTH digital projects, Cole enjoys backpacking, climbing, running, and traveling. You can find him at or @runcolerun.