Christine Southworth

Christine Southworth

Loving the Alien: Breaking Boundaries with Machines and Fish

Garden Street: Lower Level

Southworth and Ziporyn talk about their work with musical robots, Van de Graaff generators, and new underwater explorations. Their work with Ensemble Robot and the Museum of Science in the mid 2000s changed conceptions about human performers working with machines. Recently, they’ve been performing immersive works for them, as soloists, with video and electronics, exploring […]


Christine Southworth is a composer and video artist based in Lexington, Massachusetts, dedicated to creating art born from a cross-pollination of sonic and visual ideas. Inspired by intersections of technology and art, nature and machines, and musics from cultures around the world, her music employs sounds from man and nature, from Van de Graaff Generators to honeybees, Balinese gamelan to seismic data from volcanoes. Southworth received a B.S. from MIT in 2002 in mathematics and an M.A. in Computer Music & Multimedia Composition from Brown University in 2006. In 2003 she co-founded Ensemble Robot, a collaborative of artists and engineers that design and build musical robots. She is the general manager of the MIT-based Gamelan Galak Tika, and has composed several pieces for the group and performed at venues including Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, EMPAC, the Cleveland Museum of Art, several Bang on a Can Marathons, and the Bali International Arts Festival. In 2010, she helped design Gamelan Elektrika for her piece Supercollider, which was premiered at Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival with the Kronos Quartet. In addition to gamelan, she studies bagpipe, playing both the Galician Gaita and the Great Highland Bagpipe. With her partner Evan Ziporyn, she is currently developing a large-scale multimedia exploration of 9 coral reefs in American National Parks, and helping to create an online world music course for MITx.