Chris Swithinbank

Chris Swithinbank

A Bunch of String: Technology and the Place of Relation

Garden Street: Upstairs

This talk will present a recent performance piece made by Chris Swithinbank with the musicians Yarn/Wire alongside work by Carolyn Chen, Sivan Cohen Elias, Jenna Lyle, and Sarah Pitan. Common among these performances is the use of string or thread to produce a communal place of relation each with its own characteristic implications, allowing us to consider the role of thread as […]


Chris Swithinbank is a musician and graduate student in his fourth year of doctoral studies in composition at Harvard University, having previously studied at the University of Manchester (UK) and at the IRCAM Centre Pompidou (France). His work engages with various permutations of instrumental and electronic resources, mainly focusing on creating musical experiences whose structures attempt to afford space to all the bodies implicated. With each work, Chris hopes to open up doors to worlds that might otherwise not exist, drawing together material contexts for human performers, which are resistant, require collaborative effort, and disclose the necessity of each constituent part of a whole.