Charity Everett

Charity Everett

ArtTechPsyche 2018

Discovering the Creative Process for Augmented Reality Art

Arts @ 29 Garden: Upstairs

This talk will discuss the creative process that is involved with defining the foundations of a new medium that allows us a measure of freedom that has never been possible. I will discuss five essential parts of the process: artistry, storytelling, interactivity, entertainment, and information. Additionally I will do a case study that will follow […]


Charity Everett is an augmented reality artist and storyteller.  Immersive media caught her imagination, lit her fire, and changed the trajectory of her life. After working with VR for 2 years, she switched to explore AR as an art form. She began working on Go Back Fetch It – An episodic augmented reality storytelling experience about humanity following a heroine named Eve’s journey through different milestones of human development from beginning until now. Through capturing the origins storytelling in all forms throughout human history, she hopes to birth the rules for storytelling in the new medium of Augmented Reality. Follow her on Twitter at @charitythesheha, and visit her website at