Caitlin Foley

Caitlin Foley

ArtTechPsyche 2019

Creating a Possibility Space to Reimagine Waste

Cabot Discovery Bar

Naturally occurring systems such as rhizomatic networks of mycelium, the microbiome ecology, and emergent pink noise are inspirations for the visualizations and shared experiences Caitlin & Misha create in their artistic practice. This talk will delve into projects that explore the alchemical possibilities of poo and potential for pink noise to filter media-overstimulation as well […]


Caitlin Foley is an artist, educator and curator who works collaboratively to create interactive games, installations, and happenings where audience participation is a key component of the work and its message. Her work engages ideas and practices involving sharing communities, livable ecologies, and the transmutation of waste. Naturally occurring phenomena such as pink noise and the microbiome ecology are inspirations for the experiences she and Misha Rabinovich construct in their collaborative projects.