Buse Aktaş

Buse Aktaş

ArtTechPsyche 2019

Many hands make light work: Soft Robots and Traditional Brooms

Cabot Master Class

Drawing from methods and results of scientific and artistic research, this performative presentation will talk about how pieces of grass come together to make a broom just like how pieces of paper can come together to make a variable stiffness structure for soft robots. Come to hear stories of makers/researchers who implement mechanical intelligence through […]


Buse, from Edirne, Turkey, is a graduate student in mechanical engineering and material science at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. She is a part of the Harvard Biorobotics Lab, working on developing, modeling and analyzing tunable structures for use in soft robots. She is also doing a secondary field in Critical Media Practice, in which she is using live performance, installation, sculpture and social practice as forms, to help develop an affective understanding of how we engage with, design and develop new structures. She is interested in the moments when tacit and explicit knowledge meet, in the context of scientific and artistic experiments.