Agatha Park

Agatha Park

ArtTechPsyche 2020

Pushing Social Change with Participatory Augmented Reality Art

Cabot Discovery Bar

Using reality as a canvas, augmented reality(AR) is a fitting medium to react to the history, politics or visual environment of a site. This talk will look at such AR artwork and discuss how activist and participatory art projects can lend insights to the full potential of AR for social impact. In conjunction, this talk […]


Agatha Park is a XR artist and technologist. She often creates projects that connect divides
between physical and digital cultures and recently launched project Gangnam Makeover
exploring participatory augmented reality(AR) art as a medium for social change. She studied
3D animation, new media art and art in the public sphere at the School of Visual Arts and the
Harvard Graduate School of Design.

She has held workshops on 3D art and AR at the Harvard Innovation Lab and the Derek Bok
Center and created XR projects with Harvard University faculty, the Embassy of South Korea in
Morocco, and other new media artists.