Touring the Virtual Landscape of VR

Cabot Demo Space

Matt Courtney invites you to learn about and experience the broad range of applications available through contemporary virtual reality systems. From creating art in a virtual space with Google’s Tilt Brush, to stepping into the painted worlds of artists like Dali and Van Gogh, to plunging into the alien ocean depths of theBlu, to examining applications focused on medicine and science, these fascinating and immersive demonstrations will make you come away with an iconic VR experience.

Harvard VR specialist and international 3D artist, Rus Gant will be on hand to answer questions about computer visualization past, present, and future.

Under Rus’ mentorship, Matt worked with Cabot staff to open the library’s new AR/VR Studio in January 2019. Much of the content demonstrated at ATPV is available to the Harvard community to use in the studio during drop-in hours or by appointment.

Installation / Activity