Project Tango: Cartographer

Garden Street: Upstairs

With increasing interest in three-dimensional modeling and augmented reality (AR) exhibits in the archaeological and anthropological fields, the Project Tango initiative by Google’s Advanced Technology And Projects group (ATAP) provides unprecedented opportunities for combining powerful three-dimensional scanning with area learning to reconstruct excavations and build AR experiences for museum and site visitors. The Cartographer application currently being developed by Archimedes Digital for the Contrada Agnese Project utilizes the Project Tango tablet’s three-dimensional modeling and area learning capabilities to record trench models for a fraction of the cost of conventional desktop or area scanning equipment. The area scans captured by Cartographer are georeferenced and enable easy construction of Harris matrices and stratigraphic data. Development is currently ongoing in collaboration with Prof. Alex Walthall, director of the Contrada Agnese Project excavations, for visualization of scan data with WebGL for browser-based exploration and annotation. Initial field-testing of the Cartographer App will take place this summer during the 2015 season of the Contrada Agnese Project at the ancient Greek city of Morgantina (Sicily).