Project Atlas

Garden Street: Upstairs

Project Atlas leverages virtual and augmented reality for querying and interacting with multimedia archaeological datasets and life-size reconstructions of architecture at the ancient city of Morgantina (Sicily). In partnership with the Contrada Agnese Project (CAP), tourists, researchers, and the excavation team in the field can interact with photogrammetric models of previous excavations as well as museum metadata for artifacts.

Utilizing both the Project Tango Tablet and Google Cardboard, as well as traditional browser-based web applications, members of CAP can access and analyze a variety of datasets collected during an excavation season via microservice software architecture, which enables real-time layering of data across mobile and desktop devices. As researchers work from the 2D web-based application and move into the immersive 3D environment, they are able to analyze the layout and clustering of significant features and finds, recovered in the course of their excavations. Most significantly, archaeologists can use the Project Atlas platform to virtually “replicate” their work and in the process test previous interpretations of the placement and function of objects and monuments at Morgantina in order to gain a better understanding of the ancient urban landscape and the lives of its inhabitants.

Project Atlas is a collaborative effort of Archimedes Digital, CAP, Jarien Sky-Stutts art, Misc. Labs, and Vermont Digital Arts.