Printing Exploded Stars

Garden Street: Lower Level

Objects in space are rather far away. The Moon is our closest celestial neighbor at nearly a quarter million miles from Earth, and the nearest star, our Sun, is 93 million miles away. These extreme distances mean that it’s usually impossible to touch real objects in space (meteorites that fall to the ground notwithstanding). But now, thanks to data from some of our favorite observatories, anyone can hold a dead star in their hand. Here’s how. Arcand, of NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, will talk about the process of creating the first data-based 3D model and print of an exploded star. At the end of Arcand’s talk, she will also speak briefly on the new virtual reality experience of this same data set that she and her team have recently created, allowing observers virtual first-hand experience of a supernova remnant like never before.