Nano.Stasis Cosmic Garden [SMALL IS THE NEW BIG]

Garden Street: Lower Level

Nano.Stasis is an art form that explores the exquisite side of a radical new technology – one that is changing lives. Sparked by Harvard’s Tarr Family Professor of Bioengineering and Applied Physics, Kit Parker, and his invention of a cotton candy-inspired rotary jet spinning technology, nanofibers form the basis of this novel medium. Parker’s groundbreaking work has created a nanofiber textile that is evolving for a spectrum of futuristic applications – from wound healing, tissue and organ growth to fashion couture and “smart” sports related products. Now, for the first time, the tiny fibers are becoming art. Collaborating with Harvard’s Disease Biophysics Group, artist Carla Ciuffo has worked together with doctoral candidate Nina Sinatra to transform nanofibers into small-scale canvases and large format artworks. Showing how artists use science to make their fantasies real and palpable, their discussion will also focus on how science uses the arts in exactly the same way.