Leap of Faith, Legacy | Series: Nano.Stasis Cosmic Garden

Nano.Stasis Cosmic Garden presents the ethereal side of microscopic nanofibers and emphasizes how creativity, beauty and science are truly intertwined. Existing in moments between moments, the fibers inhabit a universe where tiny human bodies drift like caraway seeds are tossed in the wind. These black-and-white images feel like they should be full of movement, but as these minuscule humans float above and beyond an enormous fiber garden, it feels like something is about to happen but hasn’t yet. Perhaps they’re diving headlong into the void, or perhaps they’re ascending. Are they heavenly bodies, or are they damned? It’s not clear, as this in-between moment absolves them of judgment. Artwork was created by spinning nanofiber into tiny “canvases”. Cuttings taken from the fiber canvases were photographed into SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) images and magnified up to 6000 times. Using the SEM images, Ciuffo merges ethereal beings and organic elements to form large format composite photographs mounted to an acrylic medium. Ciuffo also transfers imagery onto the small canvases, and the recycled fiber “fluff” is reconstructed and photographed as sculptural tableaux.

Installation / Activity