Food Opera: The Plate is the Stage

Garden Street: Lower Level

Composer and digital artist Ben Houge has been collaborating with chefs to develop multisensory dining experiences since 2010. These events adapt techniques and technologies from the fields of sound art and video game music to achieve an unprecedented synchronization of music with a meal. Each diner hears a unique soundtrack delivered via a custom speaker array that positions the source of the sound as close as possible to the food itself. Prior collaborators include Jason Bond of Bondir, Tracy Chang of Pagu, Todd Maul of Café ArtScience, Jozef Youssef of Kitchen Theory in London, the St. Paul-based new music ensemble Zeitgeist, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Ben is an associate professor in the Electronic Production and Design department at Berklee College of Music, where this summer he is developing a new course on the aesthetic, technological, and psychological aspects of pairing music with food. More information is available at