Ailleurs-intérieur (Elsewhere-Interior)

Garden Street: Upstairs

Over the past 25 year I created sound installations in public spaces to take the listener out of her every day routine and re-discover spaces in a different sonic ambiente.

Ailleurs-intérieur (Elsewhere – Interior) was first realized in 2009 in the Church ‘Gesù’ in Montréal. It since was presented in different places in Europe. These voices, which were recorded on several continents, invite us to an intercultural journey. We follow them on their itineraries, and in their prayers, chants, arguments, and conversations.

All those voice recordings were reworked to adjust their pitches and tunings in order to create harmony. I combined them with specially written vocal phrases, percussion, as well as instrumental sounds into utopian musical works, where all those ethnicity perform and celebrate together.

The presentation will focus on the artistic concept, as well as explain the digital voice manipulations in order to create choirs of different cultures.